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Dedicated to protecting Canada's boreal forest on behalf of billions of migratory birds


We work with a broad array of partners on both sides of the border to raise awareness of and conserve the boreal forest that is so crucial to the future of North American birds.

International Boreal Conservation Campaign

We are proud to be a member of the International Boreal Conservation Campaign (IBCC), a network of partners dedicated to public education and advocacy on behalf of the North American Boreal Forest, with a special focus on the Canadian Boreal Forest.

Our partners include Ducks Unlimited Inc., Ducks Unlimited Canada, and The Pew Charitable Trusts. IBCC works closely with Canadian and international environmental organizations, corporations, conservation scientists, and First Nations to find common ground around the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework, a visionary plan to protect and sustainably manage this globally important ecosystem. 

Boreal Songbird Network

The Boreal Songbird Initiative created and convenes the Boreal Songbird Network (BSN), a group of international birding and conservation organizations who share our dedication to raising awareness in the U.S. and Canada about the importance of the boreal forest to North American migratory birds. The BSN provides education and supports actions that help conserve vital bird habitat throughout the North American Boreal Forest.

Previous reports produced in collaboration with some of our BSN partners can be found on our Publications & Materials page.

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We are always seeking additional partners. Is your organization interested in being a part of the Boreal Songbird Network? Contact us!

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A Framework for the Future

Boreal Forest Conservation FrameworkThe Boreal Forest Conservation Framework brings together stakeholders from business, communities, Aboriginal governments, and others who care about the future of the boreal.