Manitoba’s Blue Mosaic
BSI report highlights the vast network of wetlands throughout Manitoba’s boreal forest
Welcome to North America's Bird Nursery
Where billions of migratory birds rely on critical breeding grounds in Canada's boreal forest
Boreal Birds Need Half
Report underscores the boreal forest's importance for birds, need to protect half of the forest
Home to Birds and Beyond
Caribou, bear, moose, lynx, beaver, salmon and many other species call Canada’s boreal forest home
Out on a Limb
Habitat loss and climate change are putting boreal birds in serious jeopardy

Our Mission

As the voice for boreal birds, the Boreal Songbird Initiative (BSI) is committed to protecting the Canadian Boreal Forest—the largest intact forest on Earth—on behalf of the billions of migratory birds that rely on it. Get to know BSI »


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