What to do with pigeon geese?

August 2, 2010 | Dr. Jeff Wells

While this Canada Goose lives and migrates in the wild, certain sub-populations have sprung up in urban areas and have become quite the nuisance.
Credit: Ashley Hockenberry

While most Canada Geese spend the spring and fall migrating back and forth between their winter and summer habitat, some sub-populations of the Canada Goose have sprung up in many urban and suburban areas, living there year-round. In many cities they have become quite the pest - hanging around popular areas, hissing at children, and leaving their infamous waste seemingly everywhere.

Our Senior Scientist Dr. Jeff Wells spoke with host Marc Montgomery on Radio Canada International's The Link, a daily show that covers a wide range of news stories. Dr. Wells explains how these, as he likes to call them, "pigeon geese" came to be and how they are different from wild migratory geese. He also weighs in on New York City's plans to kill hundreds, if not thousands of them, and ways to make good out of unfortunate situations...

You can listen to the show by clicking the below link (it's in .mp3 format):

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