Eagle Steals Cam in Aboriginal Rangers Land

December 4, 2013 | Jeff Wells

This funny and amazing story about a camera-stealing White-bellied Sea-Eagle is making the social media rounds, but particularly interesting for us is that it took place in one of the wild areas of Australia that is watched over by the Aboriginal Rangers—a unique and inspiring program that puts Aboriginal people in the front seat for preserving and managing their traditional lands in a sustainable way.

Here's more background on this unusual story. Watch the video they were able to extract from the camera below:

The above mentioned program caught the eye of many Canadians, which eventually led to a visit from some of the Rangers themselves, who met with First Nation leaders in the Canadian Boreal Forest. The Globe and Mail covered this insightful visit and collaboration.

Jeff has also recently written about the Rangers program in blogs both on this site and in National Geographic.

It is intriguing to think about whether or not a similar type of land management program may someday come to the Canadian Boreal and the hundreds of First Nation communities throughout this great forest.

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