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May 5, 2005 | Dr. Jeff Wells

Jeff Wells - Team captain and senior scientist for the Boreal Songbird Initiative.
Jeff received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Ornithology from Cornell University and served as the National Bird Conservation Director for the National Audubon Society for many years. He has published extensively in both the peer-reviewed ornithological and popular birding literature and has authored or co-authored three books. Jeff has been an active competitive birder for two decades, birding and leading trips throughout North America and the Caribbean, and has previously competed in the World Series of Birding for more than 10 years as a member of the Swarovski Optik/Cornell Lab of Ornithology team.

Derek Lovitch - One of Maine’s most active and respected
birders. Derek graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in biology and went on to work in nine states as a field biologist, naturalist, and tour guide including in Michigan, the Florida Keys, Hawaii, and on remote St. Paul Island in the Alaskan Pribilofs. Derek and his wife Jeanette recently opened a Wild Birds Center store (www.yarmouthbirds,com) in Yarmouth, Maine.

Evan Obercian - a college student at Rutgers Univesity in NJ and a birding powerhouse, Evan stepped in at the last minute to complete the team when the original third team member had an unfortunate and serious accident (his prognosis for recovery is excellent but he won't be ready for the World Series until next year). We are told that we should take out insurance on Evan's ears as they are among the best in North America!

Dave Sherwood - A leading outdoor writer for several Maine newspapers, Dave will serve as the official designated driver for the team, especially in the waining hours of the event when exhaustion sets in. While he won't be an official bird counter for the event, Dave will probably see more bird species on May 14th then he has yet seen for his Maine year list.



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