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A hundred years ago, the Migratory Bird Treaty helped shape North America’s conservation ethic. Today, new initiatives in Canada offer hope for a sound environmental future.
May 23, 2016 | Hill Times | Op-ed | Jeff Wells

A photo of a Hudsonian Godwit. An estimated 67% of the species' North American population breeds within the boreal forest.

Photo: Francesco Veronesi, Wikimedia Commons.

Historians would not consider 1916 a good year for the planet. The largest war the world had ever seen was raging in Europe, with millions of people killed and maimed and no end in sight.

But during that time of despair, a ray of hope shone through in international relations. Canada and the United States signed a treaty to cooperate in an ambitious effort to restore populations of shared migratory birds, including many species that were being hunted to near extinction.

Because there was little or no...

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