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Scientists worry that the warming climate may trigger the release of vast amounts of carbon now stored naturally in forests and the ground. The released carbon would join man-made greenhouse gases, further warming the atmosphere and producing a ?feedback loop,? which would release even more stored carbon and cause more heating. One promising technique would use the earth to store some man-made carbon dioxide by pumping it underground.
By Dita Smith, Laris Karklis And Patterson Clark, The Washington Post - February 22, 2007

With more depressing results that suggest climate change threatens half of Canada’s songbirds with significant habitat loss, you might expect one of the new study’s authors to be downcast.

But Jeff Wells isn’t.

“We need to get out of that pessimistic, completely gloomy view of all the bad things that are happening and start thinking about solutions,” said Wells, chief scientist and lead author of the study...

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