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The famed naturalist's newest book, written from a retirement home, is a provocative and urgent call to save the planet, and its species.
September 18, 2015 | Audubon Magazine | Published News | Claudia Dreifus

E.O. Wilson

Photo: Henry Leutwyler/Contour by Getty Images

You can’t miss E.O. Wilson. He’s the tall, lanky, Gary Cooper-like presence sitting behind a mountain of papers in the cafeteria of Brookhaven at Lexington, an upscale assisted-living complex roughly 13 miles from Boston.

“Welcome to my office,” Wilson says, clearing a chair for me. “This is where I work. Some writers need to be off by themselves, and there are writers like me who prefer a saloon or a restaurant or whatever.”

E.O. Wilson’s workplace definitely qualifies as “whatever.” It is, in fact...

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