Report: Charting a Healthy Future for North America's Birds

August 8, 2016

100 years ago, Canada and the U.S. signed onto the historic Migratory Bird Treaty, which allowed numerous bird species to rebound from near extinction due to overhunting and trade. Today, however, many birds are once again in decline from a combination of habitat loss and climate change. 

We need another bird conservation breakthrough. In June, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Barack Obama, and President Enrique Peña Nieto renewed their nations’ commitment to protecting migratory bird habitat and called for developing a vision for the next 100 years of bird conservation.

New technologies are revolutionizing our understanding of bird migrations and the habitat they need. Modern conservation paradigms are emerging that advocate for a dramatic increase in how much habitat we protect, particularly in regions that birds depend heavily on and are still highly intact, such as North America's Boreal Forest.

It is time to take bird conservation into the 21st century, and this report—published by the Boreal Songbird Initiative, Ducks Unlimited, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and Environment for the Americas—outlines ways to do so.

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David Childs, Boreal Songbird Initiative
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#BirdMigrationTech is showing #birds travel faster, farther, and along more diverse routes than previously thought

#Birds get boost from #BirdMigrationTech – need 21st century tools & conservation model to provide a healthy future

#BirdMigrationTech is reshaping our understanding of migration & confirming importance of Boreal Forest for #birds

On 100th anniversary of Migratory Bird Treaty, need new conservation breakthrough to preserve #birds in 21st century

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New research technology is rewriting the story of bird migration.

Birds are flying faster, farther, and along more varied routes than previously thought. These technologies are also confirming the need to protect North America’s Boreal Forest, where many of our most captivating migration stories begin and end!

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