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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dear Reader,

Thanks for all the insightful responses to our newly redesigned newsletter! It's always great to hear from our readers. We're curious to know what kind of topics you'd like us to cover in future issues. Let us know what you'd like to read about >

Boreal Protection in Quebec Benefits Birds

Palm WarblerQuebec announced last week the protection of 17,800 square kilometers (4.4 million acres) of Boreal Forest. Right now in southern Canada and the U.S., waves of Boreal birds are flying south for the winter, from White-throated Sparrows to Ruby-crowned Kinglets to Palm Warblers. We're heartened that, come spring, Quebec-bound Boreal birds will be able to rely on these additional protected areas. Read the press release >

State of the World's Birds: Online Report

Herring GullWhat can birds tell us about biodiversity? Why are bird species declining? And what can we do about it? BirdLife International has released a comprehensive web-based report, State of the World's Birds. 200 case studies and dozens of key topics provide compelling, easy-to-navigate information. Explore the report online >

Help Boreal Birds, Get Books and Coffee

Caribou and the NorthWith so many questions about the economy, we can use your help to ensure our ability to protect the Boreal and its birds. Not only are your contributions tax-deductible, we also have a suite of gifts to thank you for your generosity – including Boreal Blend Coffee and the Birder's Conservation Handbook, plus the brand new Caribou and the North, a fascinating guide to the interrelation between caribou and the people and places of northern Canada. Contribute today >

Demand a Solution to Global Warming

Power Up Canada - We Can Solve ItOver 1000 bird species are considered to be at risk from global warming – and Canada has some of the weakest policies on this topic in the world. Power Up Canada is pushing for government action. Join Power Up Canada and send a letter to party leaders today >

Not Canadian? Take action through the We Can Solve It campaign >


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