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Boreal Forest Theme of International Migratory Bird Day 2006!
Event organizers recently announced that the theme of the 2006 International Migratory Bird Day will be North America's Boreal Forest. Join us in this great opportunity to harness the public's fascination with the incredible journeys of migratory birds by participating in an existing event or by developing an event for your organization, chapter, club, nature or visitor center, museum, aquarium, nature store, library, chamber of commerce, YMCA, or just by yourself! Already hundreds of organizations have public events, displays, bird hikes, presentations, workshops, classes and a variety of other education programs to celebrate International Migratory Bird Day.
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November 3rd is the Boreal Forest Day of Action.
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CBI Applauds AL-PAC Forest Stewardship Council Certification Hunters Take Lead to Protect the Other Duck Factory: Canada's Boreal New! Dr. Jeff Well's Blog
Swimming in the Great Bird Current

Photo: Peter Sandiford, Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Photo: Ducks Unlimited

Never heard of the Great Bird Current? Find out what it is by reading BSI Senior Scientist Jeff Wells' online blog where you'll find updates on bird migration, bird news, and Jeff's observations from a recent fact-finding trip to the Mackenzie Valley in Canada's Northwest Territories. To read the blog and learn more about Boreal birds and their conservation click here.
Boreal birds got a boost today with Alberta-Pacific Forest Industries Inc.'s announcement of its Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification says the Canadian Boreal Initiative.
The 13.6 million acre FSC-certified area of public land managed by Al-Pac is the first in Alberta and is the single largest FSC certification worldwide.  Together, Al-Pac's announcement and existing certifications by Domtar Inc. and Tembec Inc. make up the majority of Canada's 35.3 million acres of FSC-certified forest - the most of any country in the world.
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Fall waterfowl migration is already underway in much of the U.S. and while most duck hunters recognize the importance of the prairie potholes, few know that a second region is equally critical for waterfowl. That other "duck factory" is North America's Boreal Forest.  Stretching from Alaska to Newfoundland, the Boreal Forest's unspoiled wetlands provide crucial breeding and staging areas for tens of millions of waterfowl every year. Ducks Unlimited is taking a leadership role in an ambitious effort to protect one-half of this vast "duck factory" while promoting sustainable development on the other half.
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