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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

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This month we're covering the good, the bad, and the ugly. First the bad and ugly: we've co-written a report revealing that millions of birds will be lost as a result of tar sands oil development. And the good: we've got three new ways you can help protect Boreal birds, as well as a new YouTube video all about the birds of the Boreal.

Danger in the Nursery: Tar Sands vs. Birds

Danger in the Nursery: A report by BSI, NRDC, and The Pembina InstitutueOver the next 30 to 50 years, at least 6 million and as many as 166 million Boreal birds are projected to be lost due to tar sands oil development in Alberta, according to a scientific report called "Danger in the Nursery" by BSI, NRDC and The Pembina Institute. Vital Boreal Forest bird habitat is being destroyed by open pit mines, habitat fragmentation, toxic waste holding ponds, air and water pollution, upgraders and refineries, and pipelines.
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Download the full report: "Danger in the Nursery" >
Download the 4-page executive summary >

Tell Canada: Protect Birds from Tar Sands

Protect birds from tar sands developmentOutraged over the above article? Start by making your views heard: tell the Canadian government to protect habitat for birds throughout the Boreal Forest, and demand a halt to the expansion of tar sands development, which has been called "the most destructive project on Earth."
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Adopt a Boreal Bird; Help Conserve Habitat

Adopt a Boreal Bird!Help Boreal birds – and take one home with you! One of six species of plush Boreal birds can be yours with a tax-deductible donation of $35. Great Gray Owls, Whooping Cranes, Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers and more are waiting to be adopted. Bonus: They sing when you squeeze them! Extra bonus: Each comes with an adoption certificate explaining its habits and habitat. It's the perfect stocking stuffer for the birder(s) in your life. All proceeds benefit the Boreal Songbird Initiative and our ongoing efforts to protect the Boreal Forest on behalf of the billions of birds that rely on it. Adopt a Boreal bird today >

New YouTube Video Tells Boreal Bird Story

YouTube video about Boreal birdsEver wished you could sit down with Dr. Jeff Wells of the Boreal Songbird Initiative and get the scoop on Boreal birds? Now's your chance. We've created a YouTube video in which Dr. Wells explains the story of Boreal birds, from the eco-tourism they generate – perhaps as much revenue as Major League Baseball – to the role they play in South America – distributing seeds for new fruit trees – and the threats that face their breeding grounds in the Boreal Forest – did you know the U.S. gets more oil and gas from Canada than any other single country? Watch the video >

Make Boreal Birds Feel at Home this Winter

7 ways to attract winter birdsBoreal birds are heading south for the winter, which means you'll see them come through your cities and towns, and they always need a spot to rest. Is your back yard or balcony set up to host the Boreal birds in your area? Follow these easy tips from our friends at Nature Canada to be sure your home is bird-friendly throughout the chilly months. 7 ways to attract winter birds >


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Canada's Boreal Forest is the nesting ground for billions of America's migratory birds.


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