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Follow Along with Top Birders/Writers Scott Weidensaul, Pete Dunne, and Mel White as they Bird the Boreal

"Pete and Linda Dunne, Scott Weidensaul, Mel White, and I are headed north to a place where we have one last chance to get it right. Perhaps we will also get a glimpse back in time where we can imagine the wilderness that Audubon explored—southern bottomland forests and longleaf pine forests that took weeks to traverse, grasslands stretching away as far as the eye could see, and beaches teaming with terns and plovers. We will imagine what these places might have looked like today if Conservation First had been the mantra of Audubon’s time. I’ll bet Audubon would have liked the idea."

Link to Jeff’s blog at to hear about their experiences as they happen starting today, Monday, August 7th!

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