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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

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We wish all our readers a beautiful autumn, as migratory Boreal birds begin their winter in warmer climes. See below for the latest in our efforts to protect the Boreal Forest on behalf of its billions of birds.

$10 Million for Manitoba Boreal Conservation

Manitoba ConservationLast week the outgoing Premier of Manitoba, Gary Doer, announced a $10 million trust fund designated for large-scale conservation planning in eastern Manitoba. Doer and local aboriginal groups have been working on a new UNESCO World Heritage Site on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. If approved, the nearly 10-million-acre area would be protected from development and kept for the traditional uses of local First Nations.
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Read our Senior Scientist Dr. Jeff Wells' blog post >

500 Scientists Urge Charest to Protect Boreal

Jean CharestLast month, more than 500 scientists from Quebec and around the world sent a letter to Quebec Premier Jean Charest asking him to fulfill his 2008 commitment to protect half of Quebec’s northern Boreal Forest. The letter reminded the Charest government of the science behind ensuring that development in the remaining half be done sustainably using the best available science.
Read Mongabay news article >
Learn more in Dr. Wells' blog post >
Listen to radio interview with Dr. Wells >

Weather Radar Reveals Boreal Bird Migration

Doppler MapBillions of Boreal birds have flown south this autumn, destined for wintering grounds in the U.S., Mexico, and Central and South America. The migration of birds to and from the Boreal Forest is one of the largest migrations in the world. One surprising measure of such migration is Doppler radar – the same instrument used to monitor weather patterns. In this image, the round green and blue spots show an explosion of after-dark migration on North America's east coast.
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Kimberly-Clark Announces New Paper Policy

Kleercut Campaign Victory Kimberly-Clark, maker of Kleenex and the world's largest tissue-product manufacturer, announced in August a new paper policy that will result in greater protection of Canada's Boreal Forest. The decision signifies an agreement with Greenpeace, which has ended its 5-year-long Kleercut campaign. Under the policy, K-C has set a goal that 100% of the fiber used in its products will be from environmentally responsible sources. While the policy is a high-profile step forward, consumers continue to face tough choices when purchasing paper products.
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Make Forests Count: Sign Petition to U.N.

Make Forests CountEvery year in Canada, approximately 10,000 km2 of forests are logged and 500 km2 of forests are lost to deforestation.The upcoming United Nations Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen provides the opportunity to make forests count when it comes to climate change policy. Sign the petition today to call for reduced deforestation in third-world countries and accountability for carbon lost by cutting forests and destroying wetlands across the globe.
Watch the video and sign the petition >

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Canada's Boreal Forest is the nesting ground for billions of America's migratory birds.


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