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Canada Signs Agreement for 8 Million Acre National Park in Boreal Forest
Support for Boreal Forest Conservation Framework Grows with Top Companies
Kudos to Brooklyn Bird Club for Rousing Support of Boreal Forest
Great Slave Lake
Support from Top Companies
Brooklyn Bird Club

Last week, Canada's Environment Minister Rona Ambrose and the Lutsel K'e Dene Nation signed a momentous agreement as a major step toward the establishment of a National Park, almost four times the size of Yellowstone, in the Northwest Territories. This proposed park protects a spectaculare area near Great Slave Lake, North America's deepest. This is great news in the face of extensive mining and oil and gas pressures in this area.

Learn more about this landmark agreement in the Washington Post >

Momentum for the Boreal Forest Conservation Framework continues to build, with leading companies from across North America recently announcing their support. Over 60 companies, including Patagonia, Seventh Generation, Mountain Equipment Co-Op, and Lonely Planet, have signed on to support the Framework, which presents a balanced vision for conservation and sustainable development in Canada’s Boreal Forest.

Read recent press release >
View a complete list of Framework endorsers >

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we were gratified to receive an unexpected phone call during spring migration from the Brooklyn Bird Club. The club designated BSI as the recipient of proceeds from its 2006 Birdathon. Sporting Boreal Forest t-shirts provided by BSI, the team logged 151 bird species in 24 hours, raising over $1000 for BSI. We bestow hearty thanks on the club for such a creative and fruitful endeavor!

You too can support BSI's work to conserve North America's Boreal Forest >

¡Viva Mexico! NAOC Symposium & Educational Reception a Success

BSI has returned from Mexico glowing from both the warm Gulf sun and our achievements at the North American Ornithological Conference in Veracruz.

Our senior scientist, Dr. Jeff Wells, chaired a symposium entitled “The Boreal's Birds: Threads that Tie Together America's Ecosystems,” featuring ten speakers from such diverse organizations as Ducks Unlimited, Bird Life International, Bird Studies Canada, and the Powdermill Avian Research Center in Pennsylvania.

We were also pleased to co-host an educational reception of over 200 scientists with International Migratory Bird Day, entitled “Birds in a Changing Climate.”

The excitement generated by both events, as well as the chance to witness first-hand the tens of thousands of raptors migrating daily through Veracruz, made for a rewarding visit. Thanks to all who participated!

Read Dr. Wells's insights into Veracruz and the NAOC at the Boreal Bird Blog >

Photos: BSI

U.S. Government Backs Boreal Birds:
The United States Congress recently reauthorized the Neotropical Migratory Bird Conservation Improvement Act, designed to protect birds migrating to Latin America and the Caribbean. The legislation was amended to now allow Canada to apply for conservation grants, making funding available for the billions of migratory birds that nest in Canada’s Boreal Forest.

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