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Boreal Bird Quiz #2: Do You Know Boreal Birds?

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It's spring, and billions of birds are winging their way north to the Boreal Forest from southern Canada, the United States, and even Central and South America. Let's make sure they have a summer home to return to. The Save Our Boreal Birds campaign is a joint effort by like-minded conservation groups to let Canada's government know that we must protect the Boreal Forest to keep the continent's bird populations healthy.

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Ace birders, get ready. It's time for the second edition of our Boreal Bird Quiz. How much do you know about the 300-plus bird species that call Canada's Boreal Forest home? Can you score higher than you did on the first Boreal Bird Quiz? There's only one way to find out!

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More than 100 million trees are logged annually to produce the nearly 900 pieces of junk mail per year that each American household receives. Almost half of this junk mail goes into landfills unopened. And much of the paper in our junk mail is made from Boreal Forest trees. Join ForestEthics in their campaign to create a National Do Not Mail Registry – and keep the Boreal Forest out of the landfills.

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Take a Trip Down the Mountain River with Sierra Magazine


Dr. Jeff Wells Talks to Ira Flatow on NPR's Science Friday: Listen


Scientific American Podcast: Interview with Dr. Jeff Wells

Sierra Magazine NPR's Science Friday Scientific American

Sierra Magazine's Nancy Lord reminds us that our backyard birds depend on Canada's Boreal Forest – and so do we. Follow her on a canoe trip down the Northwest Territories' Mountain River. It's your chance to experience a Boreal adventure, with gorgeous vistas, amazing animals, and of course, Boreal birds, at every bend in the river.

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Our own Senior Scientist, Dr. Jeff Wells, recently joined fellow birding experts Glenn Phillips and Brad Mellema on NPR's Science Friday. They talked about signs of spring in the avian world, from migrations, to nesting, to birdsong. They also weighed in on some threatened birds that enthusiasts should make a special effort to see this spring.

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Scientific American's Steve Mirsky recently talked with Dr. Jeff Wells about birds and their roles as markers for environmental health. They also discussed the Boreal Forest, the Boreal Songbird Initiative, and the eBird research project (that you can assist) – as well as Dr. Wells' new book, The Birder's Conservation Handbook.

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New National Park ReserveNew Park to be Created in Northwest Territories

Early this week, Canadian officials announced the establishment of a protected area called the Naats'ihch'oh National Park Reserve. It will be about 1.8 million acres (roughly one and a half times the size of Prince Edward Island). The new reserve will be contiguous with the existing Nahanni National Park Reserve, creating two large, side-by-side protected areas that have the potential to become the Northwest Territories' version of Banff and Jasper in Alberta.

Read the article in The Globe & Mail >

Wayne Sawchuck Boreal TripGo Birding in the Boreal This Summer

Join nature photographer Wayne Sawchuk for a horseback expedition to the Muskwa-Kechika, the wildest Boreal mountain ecosystem in the Rocky Mountains, in the northern reaches of British Columbia. Experience the Boreal in its original, pristine state, and help add valuable data to the B.C. Breeding Bird Atlas.

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Brown CreeperBoreal Bird Marks 3/4 Million Mark for Banding Station

On Monday, Ontario's Long Point Bird Observatory reached a major milestone, becoming the first North American banding station to band 750,000 birds. The 750,000th bird was a Brown Creeper (Certhia americana). This small songbird is a resident throughout much of Canada and the northern United States, with many of the birds migrating south to the U.S. each winter. About 15% of the species breeds in the Boreal.

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