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Monday, July 6, 2009

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Happy summer, and a special welcome to all the new readers who have joined us through the Save Our Boreal Birds campaign; we pledge to keep you up to date on issues affecting the billions of birds that rely on Canada's Boreal Forest. Enjoy!

Save Our Boreal Birds Campaign a Success

Linda Duncan VideoThanks to all of you who signed the Save Our Boreal Birds petition! On May 12, we partnered with several conservation groups across Canada to announce your overwhelming 60,000 signatures. The petition was presented to David Harvey, Senior Advisor to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, who has promised 50% protection of Ontario's northern Boreal Forest. And on June 15, MP Linda Duncan presented the petition to the Canadian House of Parliament.
Watch video of presentation to Parliament >

Review press coverage from across Canada >
Learn more about Save Our Boreal Birds with maps and facts >
Read Dr. Wells' blog post on the subject >

See & Hear Night Migration via Radar & Mic

RadarBSI Senior Scientist Dr. Jeff Wells was interviewed for Maine Watch on Maine Public Broadcasting on June 4. Get a close look at his nighttime migration recording device at his home in Gardiner, Maine, then visit a local weather station to watch the same migration on radar! The interview provides rare insight for birders who may be unaware of the millions of birds that fly overhead nightly during migration – many of them en route to the Boreal Forest.
Watch the video >

Nahanni Expansion Protects Boreal Forest

Virginia Falls, NahanniOn June 9, the Canadian government introduced legislation that will expand the Nahanni National Park Reserve in the Northwest Territories' Boreal Forest. The protected area will expand from its original 5,000 square kilometer boundary to a whopping 30,000 square kilometers (7.4 million acres) – an area more than 8 times the size of Long Island – making it the third-largest national park in Canada.
Read CBC News article >

Read Dr. Wells' blog post >

12% of Bird Species Globally Threatened

Rusty BlackbirdAccording to BirdLife International's most recent evaluation of the world's birds, released in May, rare birds are getting rarer and common birds are becoming less common. A staggering 1,227 species (12%) are now classified as Globally Threatened. BirdLife also reports some good news: examples of species being saved as a result of conservation action.
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